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            【Part 1-3真题点评】

            Part1: 必考题依然是work or study, accommodation, hometown。预备时能够规划一些言语亮点。新题Perfume、Smile、Math和garbage等在本场考试中概率也偏高。

            Part2: 物品类和事情类调查的概率偏高。考前咱们要做好预备,计时录音答复,提高流利度与准确性。留意细化内容,有才能的同学能够恰当展现一些高分表达。

            Part3: 这个部分即兴答复相对难度要大一些。在答题过程中要留意自己的逻辑性,先给出观念,接着解说+举例。考前能够和同学或教师多进行一些即兴问答,习惯这种方法,让自己在考试中更镇定镇定。

            【SAMPLE ANSWER】

            Describe a piece of clothing you often wear

            You should say:

            What it looks like

            How often you wear it

            Where you got it

            Explain why you like it


            思路这是一道物品类的标题,要求考生去描绘一件喜爱的衣服。能够描绘衣服的外观/原料,穿戴的舒适度,合适穿戴的气候或场合,是否有特别之处(瑕疵或亮点) ;大约购买的时刻以及地址,购买的原因(被招引的点),以及周围人对我穿这件衣服的点评。预备过程中需求留意堆集常见的衣服相关的表达。

            词汇Functional 有用的

            Vogue 时髦

            Curve 曲线

            Ruffle 褶皱

            Waistline 腰身部分

            Feminine 女人味的

            Hemline 下摆边

            Asymmetrical 不对称的

            Vividness 灵动

            Polyester 涤纶

            wrinkle-free 不起皱的



            Like any girl, I used to buy tons of clothes every year. Some are worn often; some just never leave the wardrobe. Knowing this, I have become more conscious of the clothes I buy. And I try to make sure every piece is functional, versatile, and it’s something that will never go out of vogue.

            One of the clothes I own which can exemplify those standards is this little black dress I’m wearing, which I really like. They say every girl should have a little black dress. And I absolutely concur with that. I think a dress of good quality and design can carry you through casual and formal occasions. I got this dress from Topshop about 2 years ago. I cannot remember the price exactly, but it was definitely under 50原创雅思最新资讯:2019年7月27日雅思白话点评共享! pounds.

            There are tons of merits about the dress. First of all, I really like the design. I think a nice原创雅思最新资讯:2019年7月27日雅思白话点评共享! dress should be able to amplify the curves of your body. And this dress really does that. As you can probably see, there are some ruffle designs around the waistline and also the arms. I think that is an ingenious design because it just hugs your body so well. It can amplify the curves of your body. I also think that the designer really understood women. Because this design can really bring out the feminine side of the woman’s body.

            The second design I like is about the hemline. It’s asymmetrical, which means one side is shorter and the other side is longer. This design is really fun because as you move, the hemline also moves with you. And this just adds a touch of vividness to your movement.

            The third thing I like about the dress is the fabric. As you can probably tell, the fabric is polyester, which means it’s quite silky, and more importantly it’s wrinkle-free, which can save you the trouble of ironing the dress after wash. So, it’s a very good grab-and-go dress.

            Also, it’s fairly light weight, so it can be easily r原创雅思最新资讯:2019年7月27日雅思白话点评共享!olled up, folded and packed into your suitcase. It’s ideal for trips.

            That being said, I think the dress is really functional, because it can be easily dressed up with a pair of stilettos, which is classy and elegant. Or it can be dressed down in an effortlessly chic way wi斗罗大陆游戏th a pair of white sneakers. That’s why I like the dress so much.



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